Lydia Jordane

Luxury Milk Bath

Luxury Milk Bath

Drift away to a tropical paradise in the privacy of your bath.

Luxury Milk Bath

A deliciously scented, luxurious foaming milk bath, with collagen and milk proteins. This micronised powder provides a fine, delicate foam and is completely water soluble.

The milk proteins help smooth and soften the epidermis, leaving skin feeling ultimately rejuvenated, super soft and silky. Emerge totally relaxed and exquisitely pampered in no time.

How to use Luxury Milk Bath

  • Add half a sachet to bath or spa under warm running water
  • Luxuriate in your milk bath for 15-20 minutes
  • Dry skin thoroughly
  • Apply LYDIA JORDANE Body Polish, Energizing Milk or Intensive Moisture Cream

Important: Luxury Milk Bath froths up easily with hydro-jets. Take care not to over froth.